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Clovis"I think David is a superb teacher, innovative and analytical as well as musical."
- Leni R.

Guitar Lessons Clovis"It is obvious that David's students benefit greatly from his outstanding ability as a classroom and studio instructor. He has an engaging and easy-going personality that makes him a pleasure to work with. He is an experienced educator, and has achieved notable success."
-Prof.Gregory Newton,
Los Angeles Valley College

"I have found David to be an excellent instructor. Respected and liked by his students."
-Juan Serrano,
World renown flamenco guitarist

Guitar"David has developed into a highly effective and inspiring teacher. He has a refined and powerful technique, an exquisite tone and a sophisticated sense of style and artistry."
-Prof.Nicholas Goluses,
Eastman School of Music

Ask Yourself These Questions

Guitar Lessons for FREE in Clovis Are you frustrated because you don't know where to start with your guitar playing?
Guitar Lessons Fresno Are you discouraged because you have no clear strategy or goals?
Guitar Instructor Clovis Do you feel like it is taking you forever to get any better?
Clovis Guitar Lessons Are you confused by the overwhelming choices on YouTube?
Adult Guitar Lessons Clovis Are you unfulfilled trying to teach yourself?

If You Answered Yes To Any Of Those Questions

I know exactly how you feel, because when I started playing guitar, I felt exactly like that too.
I know a lot of people who felt like that.In fact most guitarists feel like that at some point.
The truth is you just need to know:

1.What to do.

2.How to do it.

3.Have an expert guitar teacher guide you through the entire process.

With those three things you are going to learn guitar quicker and with massive RESULTS!

Clovis Guitar Lessons Has Your Solution!

You donít need information you need wisdom. Wisdom comes from being taught, trained, and coached.

At Clovis Guitar Lessons my goal is to help and guide you every step of the way on your guitar playing journey! Each guitar lesson is custom made for each individual student's goals with one strategy in mind, RESULTS!
If you live in Fresno or Clovis, and are looking for guitar lessons, Clovis Guitar Lessons is your Solution!
Imagine how great you will feel when you get the results you've been looking for!

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